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Customer Reviews

Hands down the best money I've spent in awhile. I worked with Drake, and we got the outcome I wanted. He was amazing in court and one-on-one. My kids even loved him! He and his office were beyond amazing through one of the most difficult times of my life. I highly recommend this team.

Sonya A.

My lawyer Bill Beck was amazing! He looked after my best interst. He asked what I wanted in my case. He provided with integrity and discipline! He knows how to run his practice. Very awesome lawyer. For his staff 10 plus they kept in contact and walked me through my process. Valerie well there is no words for her. She is an Angel. She keeps in contact for every hearing and prepares you for your hearing. Total 5 stars for this firm.

Chris P.

William Beck and his legal team deserve all the praise and accolades . Last year in July I found myself in a situation where I was forced to protect myself against my violent ex. At the time I could not afford a lawyer so I had to rely on a public defender who, no offense to them, did exactly what you’d expect “free” legal representation to do. Not much. You’re not the priority. You’re just a name in the roster of other cases that they use to learn. I didn’t want to be a test subject nor risk my freedom and credibility. By the grace of God and family I was given the financial support to afford William Becks services. He worked hard and was able to secure me the PPIR I needed to have my DV case entirely dismissed. No trial. My only regret is that I didn’t get him sooner. He was very kind and explained everything in detail . I pray I’m never in this situation again but I DO know who I’d choose to represent me again if I were . Thank you all so much.

Andrea G.

I have nothing but good thing to say about William and his staff. Mr. Bennet was very pleasant to work with he made me feel very comfortable the whole time. He definity fought for my rights. Also, I'd like to say that his co-worker Valerie is over and beyond helpful. She is truely been great from the very beginning to al the way to helping getting my license back. they are amazing. Thanks for all you do.

Paul S.

My experience with Liberty Law is surpassing my expectations thus far. Valerie is a helpful and knowledgeable paralegal who helped me to understand this process. She arranged for me to speak with Mr. Beck, who explained the answers to my questions concisely and thoroughly.

Ted B.

I had the most amazing experience with Liberty Law Firm. I got a dui along with a couple other traffic violations. This could have gone so many different ways but Mr. Beck was able to get my case completely dismissed and sealed. I had no ramifications with the dmv and didn’t even get a ticket for my traffic violations. 10/10, this case couldn’t have gone better and for a very affordable price. I would recommend this law firm to any friends and would use them again if I got in trouble again!

Michayla W.

Bill Beck has been an invaluable resource and guide through an unusual criminal lawsuit.

He has been extremely prompt in response to my questions. His explanation of the legal documents, and what documents were needed from me, made the process so much easier.

His office offered an easy payment plan for legal fees.

In the end, my case was dropped and sealed.

I had another question nearly four years after the case began and he responded promptly and without a fee.

I would recommend Bill to anyone who wants the best attorney to smoothly navigate the criminal legal process.

Angeline M.

Valerie is amazing!! From cradle to grave she walked me through and explained every detail to make sure I was never lost in the process. Absolutely the standard of customer service embodied! Recommend 15 out of 10 - Jose R.

Jose R.

Liberty Law Center, and especially Aaron, are awesome! Aaron stepped in in the middle of my issue and knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much to Aaron! Completely recommend Liberty Law Center.

Kelly H.

Mr Beck was a godsend and so was his entire team!
I am a service member who was accused of a DUI in CO. With my career at risk and so much to lose it felt like a nightmare but then I found Liberty Law Center. During the process of the case due to my job I had to leave CO for an assignment to Korea then PCSd to TX. The time difference nor distance had any affects on this team’s efforts on working my case and keeping me in the know of my next steps. I was kept at ease the entire process until my last court date.
Mr Beck won my case and my DUI was dropped!
This whole experience was a miracle! Liberty Law Center is an answered prayer.

Luis R.

Mr Beck did a awesome job on my case! Great personality, very persuasive, and sharp. Remembered 18 people's names within 5 minutes like he had known them for years.
Valerie is the best to talk to about anything and very encouraging when hope seems low. Love everybody there.

Josh R.

Liberty Law Center as a whole has been an outstanding help trough every step of a difficult process. The staff is kind, attentive and understanding. Drake Larson is a wonderful Lawyer and has been immense help. The entire center has always gone above and beyond without hesitation.

Clayton W.

I am so thankful I called Liberty Law Center. The amount of knowledge and dedication that comes from Valerie is next to none. She helped me understand the entire process. Made me feel like I was not alone. It took me 15 Plus years to deal with my issue. Now as it gets resolved I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I owe it all to Valerie. Mr. Beck has put together an amazing team of professional, respectful, sensitive and most knowledgeable team. Thank you for all the hard work and making me feel important through the entire process.

Tim A.

These last few months have been hell and I have had an amazing support and Mr beck is not only the best attorney but just really nice and easy to get along with and I will be stopping by and sending gifts your guys way thanks for being a really good team Elizabeth was always so sweet and loved coming in to her smile before my meeting with Mr Beck . And Valerie always so helpful and gave really good advice thanks for caring and being so helpful you guys are life savers !!

Kensley O.

I am beyond thankful for this incredible group of people, especially Bill Beck and his awesome sidekick Valerie. They’ve been with me through the (year-long) court process at every step, and have provided nothing but compassion, clarity, guidance, support, and in the end, a big victory thanks to Mr. Beck’s above-and-beyond efforts. Do yourself a massive favor and hire this team!!

Esther B.

Divorce is never easy and mine was not. I hired Drake Larson due to incompetence of another attorney so I was already distraught with the entire situation. Drake assured me he would get to the facts of my case and get control of the situation and figure out the best way to a fair outcome. To make a long story short after 10 months we finally went to the Judge today. Let me assure you that Mr Larsen was confident,well versed, prepared and went above and beyond my expectations. Everything he predicted went the way he expected and I was more than satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Mr. Drake Larson for helping me move on from this very trying time. To whoever is reading this take my advice and hire Drake Larsen if you need expert representation.

Gary W.

Drake Larson was a wonderful Lawyer. He is very knowledgeable in his field. If he didn't know the answer to some very off the wall situations, he would research and get back to me quickly. He was very professional but also personable. He made me feel comfortable and confident in my case and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Drake.

Tanda B.