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Leaving the Scene of An Accident

Traffic Offense

As traumatizing as it is to be involved in an automobile accident with a stationary object, it is much worse if the accident involves two automobiles. It can be worse, still, if the person with whom you collided leaves the scene without checking to make sure there were no injuries or damages to either cars.

This is called a “hit and run” or leaving the scene of an accident and it can result in serious criminal charges. A hit and run is when one or more of the participants involved in the automobile accident do not wait for police to arrive so that an official report can be filed.

If this happens to you, first and foremost – call the police! It is required by law that the authorities be notified of any automobile accident. It is especially important in the case of a hit and run. The police and other law enforcement officers will work together to find the assailant.

If you have a camera or cell phone, take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle.

Get to a hospital. Even if you feel you were not injured in any way, many injuries don’t show up for weeks or months after the accident. Also, you will want to be examined by a medical professional to stave off any disputes you many have with your insurance company.

And finally, you will want to contact a Colorado Springs traffic attorney. Being as prepared as you can, with attorneys that are skilled and qualified in hit and run accidents, will help you receive the monetary compensation you deserve. Let our attorneys be the ones who work with your insurance agent after this traumatic experience.

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