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Contested Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Contested divorce often evokes intense emotions as the involved parties find themselves entangled in disputes concerning finances, property division, asset distribution, marital property, child support, and at times, custody of children. This process can be overwhelming, causing feelings of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Amid such personal chaos, having a contested divorce attorney by your side can be incredibly advantageous.

Our skills and experience not only provide a clear understanding of the legal complexities involved in family law but also ensure that your rights and interests are defended throughout divorce proceedings. Our skilled attorneys at the Liberty Law Center can navigate the turbulent waters of litigation, negotiation, and court proceedings, bringing a sense of calm and direction. We can help turn a contested divorce from an exhausting emotional ordeal into a process focused on achieving a fair resolution. Ultimately, an attorney can be your beacon during this challenging phase, guiding you toward a future where you can move forward and rebuild your life with confidence and peace. We are here to walk you through the entire contested divorce process and ensure that any disagreement is settled as smoothly as possible between you and your spouse. Get started with our law firm today by calling 719-602-7381 to schedule your initial consultation and case review!

What are the Most Contentious Issues in a Contested Divorce?

The most contentious issues in a contested divorce often revolve around child custody, property division, and alimony. Child custody disputes can be emotionally charged and complex, with both parents usually wanting what’s best for their child but disagreeing on what that entails. This involves personal decisions about the child’s upbringing, including what school they should attend, who the custodial parent should be, and even what church the child should go to.

Property division is another major point of contention. Determining who gets what, especially when dealing with assets acquired during the marriage, can be complicated and often leads to disagreements. Lastly, alimony or spousal support is a frequent source of contention. The amount, duration, and necessity of alimony can be controversial, particularly when one party believes it to be unnecessary or excessive. These issues can make contested divorces complex, stressful, and time-consuming, highlighting the importance of having a skilled divorce lawyer to steer drifting couples closer together for the sake of the divorce.

How are Contested Divorces Resolved?

Contested divorces are typically resolved through a court trial after all other avenues of resolution, such as mediation or negotiation, fail. The process begins with the disgruntled parties filing a divorce petition, detailing the grounds for divorce and their desired outcome regarding property division, child custody, and support. While it is possible for contested divorces to be resolved during mediation and arbitration, these civil processes to bring two sides together can often fail.

The other spouse can contest the divorce itself or any of the terms proposed. If both parties cannot reach an agreement, the court schedules a trial. This involves both sides presenting their arguments with evidence and witnesses under the guidance of their respective divorce lawyers. The judge then reviews the arguments, considers all impacts and implications, and makes a legally binding decision on the distribution of assets, custody, and spousal or child support. This process can be lengthy, emotionally draining, and expensive, which is why it’s often regarded as the last resort.

Who Gets Custody of a Child in a Divorce?

In the event of a divorce, determining child custody is a complex and emotional process, often involving several factors. The primary concern for courts is the child’s best interest. Factors taken into consideration might include each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s basic needs, the child’s relationship with each parent, the mental and physical health of all parties involved, and the child’s own wishes, depending on their age and maturity.

In some cases, joint custody might be awarded, where both parents share equal responsibilities and decision-making rights for the child. However, this is not always the case, and one parent may be awarded sole custody depending on the circumstances.

It’s important to note that custody agreements are not set in stone. They can be modified if the court determines that changes in circumstances require a modification to serve the best interests of the child. For instance, if one parent relocates, the child’s needs change, or the living conditions in one parent’s home become dangerous or detrimental to the child’s wellbeing. In such cases, the involvement of a contested divorce lawyer can be invaluable in navigating the complex legal landscape of custody disputes.

How Can a Contested Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs Help Me?

Contested divorce lawyers are experienced in the law pertaining to divorce and serious divorce-related disputes. We understand the nuances of family law, as well as the emotional aspect of a contested divorce, and can provide assistance in a variety of ways, including:

  • Representing clients in court
  • Negotiating on behalf of their client to reach a fair settlement on child custody, alimony, and child support
  • Advising clients on their legal rights and options, in and out of the courtroom
  • Litigation
  • Drafting settlements, filing documents, and other legal paperwork

In addition, our contested divorce lawyers can help to objectively assess a situation so that the outcome spurs a positive transition for all parties. This means that we will consider not only what is best for our client but also the needs and welfare of any potential children affected by the divorce. Contact the Liberty Law Center today at 719-602-7381 to schedule your initial case review and see how we can help your family today.