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Colorado Springs Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

How We Handle Misdemeanors

At Liberty Law Center, we recognize that everyone can make mistakes, and sometimes, poor choices can lead to legal complications. Even minor misdemeanor charges in Colorado Springs can result in serious repercussions, potentially leading to a misdemeanor conviction that could tarnish your criminal record.

With over 35 years of dedicated service to the residents of Southern Colorado, including El Paso and Pueblo County, our defense lawyers are here to provide the legal representation you need. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor crimes such as drug misdemeanors, traffic misdemeanors, or petty offenses, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are ready to help.

Our criminal defense lawyer team will help you understand the misdemeanor charges you’re facing, whether it’s a misdemeanor crime or a more serious criminal charge. We’ll work diligently to prepare a robust misdemeanor defense strategy, aiming to prevent a criminal conviction that could lead to jail time in county jail.

As a law firm specializing in criminal law, we treat every client with empathy and respect. Our misdemeanor attorney team will challenge the evidence presented by the police officer and strive to protect your rights.

At our law office, we believe that everyone deserves a fair defense. Trust our defense lawyer team to provide the support and guidance you need during these challenging times. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of a misdemeanor in Colorado, ensuring that you’re not defined by your mistakes.

How Serious is a Misdemeanor in Colorado?

In Colorado, in general, drug and traffic misdemeanors are put into two categories:

  • Class 1 Misdemeanors: This is the most serious type of misdemeanor in Colorado and can be punishable by up to 365 days in county jail and fines up to $1,000. Examples of a class 1 misdemeanor include theft of property, criminal mischief, unlawful sexual contact, and violation of a protection order. Additionally, if you’re charged with a class 1 misdemeanor against a first responder or healthcare professional, you will serve a minimum of two years in jail.
  • Class 2 Misdemeanors: If you’ve been accused of a class 2 misdemeanor in Colorado, you can be facing up to 120 days in county jail and fines of up to $750.

Other types of misdemeanors include unclassified, drug, and traffic misdemeanors. These will carry their own sentencing and fine maximums and be classified under one of the two classes.

What You Can Expect from a Colorado Misdemeanor Sentencing

While there are maximum jail sentences for misdemeanors in Colorado, not every individual charged with a misdemeanor will end up spending time behind bars. Judges typically reserve jail time to repeat offenders or for cases that have shown violence or risk of harm. Of course, this doesn’t mean this is true for every case.

Other sentencing alternatives might be issued even if a judge doesn’t impose jail time. Punishments like:

  • Probation
  • Deferred Sentencing
  • Home Detention
  • Community Service

Every case is different, so hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is going to be crucial in your goal to stay out of jail if convicted of a misdemeanor.

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