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A Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending Against Traffic Violations

Traffic Offense

There aren’t many things out there that are as annoying to a driver as getting an undeserved traffic ticket. The majority of drivers will simply cart the ticket home and send in a check to pay the fine without really considering showing up to court to defend themselves against traffic violations, but in many cases this can be a serious mistake.

A traffic ticket can result in more than just that seemingly simple fine. In states that use a driver’s license point system, a traffic ticket can result in points on your driver’s license that will potentially affect your car insurance premiums for the foreseeable future. Usually, accruing too many points on your license can also result in a suspended license or other restrictions on your driving privileges. When you consider other legal penalties associated with traffic tickets, fines may seem like a small price to pay. Paying a fifty, seventy five or one hundred dollar fine might seem reasonable to make a minor headache go away, but drivers need to realize that the admission of guilt in traffic court can cause unforeseen legal problems.

If you’ve been cited for a traffic or moving violation and don’t feel as though the charges are just, you shouldn’t just blindly pay the fine and move on. To address any kind of traffic offense, you should reach out to a qualified defense attorney to fight the charges. Based on the information available, a good defense attorney may be able to work with prosecutors to get your charges dropped or possibly even dismissed, which could save you quite a bit of grief and money moving forward. An experienced defense attorney will act in your best interests to minimize the possible points that will be applied to your driver’s license and lower the fines attached to the traffic charge to a more manageable level.

In order to properly defend yourself against traffic tickets and moving violations, you need to have a deep understanding of the traffic laws and the procedures of traffic court. A defense attorney will have this understanding and be able to help you, and an attorney can also use his or her knowledge of traffic stop procedures to defend you in court. Attorneys who have experience in traffic court will be able to reconstruct the accident or traffic stop that led to your charges. If you’ve been charged with a serious traffic offense, don’t blindly pay the fine and admit guilt, reach out to an experienced defense attorney for a consultation.

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