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Driving in Colorado With a Suspended License

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Driving with a suspended license in Colorado is a serious offense. Any past offenses that led to your license suspension combined with driving while suspended can lead to serious repercussions. Fines and possible jail time are not penalties anyone looks forward to facing, and certainly no one wants to face these types of situations alone. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can ensure that you do not suffer irreparable harm to your driving privileges.

Some of the penalties you may face include jail time and increased time on your license suspension. You could potentially lose your license for a year up to permanently, depending on your circumstances. Without a Colorado criminal defense attorney to help you through the legal issues as well as the DMV hearing, you may face the maximum penalties instead of the minimums.

Your driver’s license is not just a permission slip to drive; your job and your home can all be affected by losing your license, even temporarily. Employers have access to not only criminal records, but in some cases driving records. If your employment opportunities hinge on having a valid driver’s license, you may face significant trouble at work. Let your Colorado criminal defense attorney help you resolve the situation before it becomes an insurmountable problem.

While you can try defending yourself in court and at the DMV hearing, you risk missing an important detail that may mean all of the difference to your case. Facing the fallout of driving with a suspended license is not a pleasant situation, to say the least, but you do not have to face the music alone. Contact an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney who can look into the evidence of your case and suggest the best course of action for you.

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