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Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help in Municipal Court

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Many people, when facing a legal matter in a local or municipal court, think that they won’t need the assistance of a Colorado criminal defense attorney. Nothing could be further from the truth. Municipal courts in Colorado handle many kinds of criminal casesthat can have far-reaching legal consequences if they result in a conviction. A defense lawyer is essential in any criminalcase, even those in local court.

Generally, local courts are responsible for handling all violations of municipal ordinances and violations of local laws, though they can also try serious crimes that occur inside their jurisdiction. Colorado municipal courts try many different kinds of cases, including:

  • criminal traffic violations
  • violations of city ordinances
  • public intoxication or other alcohol-related crimes
  • some violent crimes like assault or disorderly conduct
  • shoplifting or petty theft
  • trespassing on public or private property
  • vandalism or destruction of property
  • hunting or fishing license violations
  • some domestic violenceor child abuse or neglect claims
  • other crimes if returned by the state court

Generally, municipal court judges are responsible for imposing fines for these types of local ordinance violations and minor crimes, and they don’t usually handle jail time or other legal consequences. While many people may think that they can pay a fine in municipal court and be done with their criminal matter, these sorts of legal matters can escalate if everything isn’t properly handled. A defense attorney can help clients face criminal charges in any level of Colorado court.

A Colorado criminal defense attorneys can not only handle legal paperwork regarding criminal matters in municipal court, but they can also defend clients in front of local judges. With an attorney on their side, an individual accused of a crime in local court can get their charges dismissed or their fines reduced. Clients can also rest easy knowing that their criminal charges are being handled properly.

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