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Dealing With Colorado DUI Charges as an Out-of-State Resident

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You especially need the services of a Colorado Springs DUI defense attorney if you are an out-of-state resident who is charged with DUI while you are in Colorado. You need the expertise of someone who not only understands local DUI laws, but also understands how those laws apply to someone who doesn’t live in Colorado. These types of cases require special assistance and can cause a world of trouble if you do not handle the situation properly.

As a non-resident, you must still deal with your DUI charges in the state of Colorado. Your home state’s laws do not apply to your DUI charges in Colorado, and yet you can still lose your driver’s license if convicted of DUI in Colorado. A Colorado Springs DUI attorney can ensure that you do not face additional trouble in your home state.

Your Colorado Springs DUI attorney can help you navigate the complicated waters of the DUI process. For instance, in Colorado you must begin handling your charges within 7 days or you risk losing your driving privileges and your case. The regulations and laws for non-residents are slightly different in Colorado than they are for residents, so you need to make sure that your rights are protected. The state will notify your home state of your DUI charges, but your Colorado Springs DUI attorney can make sure you home state is aware that you are actively dealing with the charges you face.

Ignoring your DUI charges in Colorado because you reside in another state is not an option. Your charges will follow you to your home state, and may cause all sorts of issues for you both professionally and personally. Do not give law enforcement the impression that you are attempting to evade your charges; instead contact a Colorado Springs DUI attorney immediately to assess your options.

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