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What to Expect at DMV Hearings

Traffic Offense

Many people are unfamiliar with a DMV hearing and how it works. The DMV does not have the same reach as a criminal court, but they still have quite a bit of power over fines and the status of your driver’s license. You should never go to a DMV hearing alone. Instead, contact a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.

DMV hearings are complicated procedures with a great many regulations and processes that must be completed within certain timeframes. If you do not meet a deadline, the law automatically assumes that you have waived your rights to the DMV process entirely. Your Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney understands the complications that can arise from a DMV hearing and can help you defend yourself properly.

Depending on the charges you face, you may also have criminal court processes with which to contend. This can be emotionally trying, and a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney can approach your DMV hearing from a calm and rational approach. Emotional outbursts or impassioned pleas will not sway the DMV, and can cause you to lose your case. Leave the DMV hearing in the hands of a competent Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney to reduce the risk of heavy fines or losing your license.

The DMV is an intimidating place, whether you are there to perform routine functions or you are facing a DMV hearing. Make sure that you contact a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who can handle your hearing effectively and make sure that all of your DMV hearing deadlines are met properly.

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