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Yes, You Can Be Charged for Carrying a Bottle of Beer

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Only seven states in the United States do not have open container laws. Open container laws basically dictate where you can publicly drink alcohol, and yes, you can face charges for a violation. Open container laws were implemented in an attempt to preserve communities’ quality of life, curb drunken behavior in public, reduce the number of alcohol-related vehicle accidents and maintain eligibility for federal transportation subsidies.

In a state with an open container law, you cannot drink or possess an open container of alcohol while walking on public sidewalks, in residential neighborhoods, on school grounds, inside a parked car, in a mobile, in a parking lot or on the front steps of the apartment building or complex where you reside.

Residents in Colorado are not allowed to possess an open container of alcohol in the passenger area of their vehicles. They also cannot drink alcohol while driving or while their vehicle is moving, i.e., letting someone else drive while they sit in the passenger area and decide to have a beer.

Violation of Colorado’s open container law is a Class A Traffic Infraction, which carries a fine of $50. You will want to retain a Colorado DUI defense attorney with a good track record in handling these types of cases. Your attorney will examine all of the evidence and documentation pertaining to the your case to see if you actually conducted yourself in a manner constituting a violation. He will also review police reports and statements to make sure the arresting officer did everything according to the law. If the attorney can determine that your actions did not warrant an arrest or that the arresting officer acted inappropriately, your charges may be dismissed.

The open container laws may seem a tad restrictive, but when you look at the overall picture, they they were created to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for you and your family when you go to work, school, or social or recreational events.

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