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DUI Defense Strategies

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If you are arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Ability Impaired in Colorado, you definitely need a Colorado criminal defense attorney with experience in DUI cases when you go before the judge. An attorney can argue for your innocence, negotiate a plea bargain or get charges reduced or even dismissed for several reasons.

Colorado DUI defense lawyers have several strategies for helping their clients avoid the harsh legal penalties for drunk driving charges. Some of the most common defense strategies include:

  • Challenging the validity of Blood Alcohol Content testing procedures or equipment: Hand-held breathalyzer machines are often faulty, and law enforcement must follow certain procedures for registering and using equipment.
  • Challenging other evidence against you: Police will also have other evidence like video surveillance or police car camera footage that they can use to argue that you were driving while intoxicated. Field sobriety tests and officer testimony are also common DUI evidence types for the prosecution. A Colorado criminal defense attorney with experience in DUI cases can challenge this evidence and get it thrown out of court.
  • Recreating the accident or reviewing the details of the initial traffic stop: In order to charge someone with a drunk driving violation, Colorado traffic police must have a reason to stop the driver. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will often question the reason for the traffic stop.
  • Examining the records of the arresting officers: If the police officers who arrested you for DUI in Colorado have a history of false arrests or disciplinary actions taken against them, your charges can be dropped.
  • Citing flawed police procedures or rights violations: If police didn’t follow correct arrest or testing procedures or violated your Constitutional rights while they were arresting you or investigating your case, your attorney can get your charges dismissed.

Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will work hard to make sure that you can continue to drive in Colorado without having a DUI conviction on your record by aggressively fighting for you in the court room.

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