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DUI Expungement Lawyer in Colorado Springs

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Clearing Your Name

Being arrested for a DUI can have long-term consequences you don’t consider at the moment you decide to get behind the wheel. You may have paid all your fines, served your jail time, and even gotten your driver’s license back, but the DUI is still part of your record, and your arrest and conviction are visible to employers, lenders, insurance companies, and more. You may be wondering if there is a way to expunge your record after your debt is paid.

The hard truth is that once a conviction is entered into your record, it will be there permanently. The good news is that our skilled DUI lawyers will fight the arrest and defend you against the charges to obtain an acquittal. Contact Liberty Law Center at 719-578-1183 for a free consultation. Let us clear your name.

Can My DUI Be Expunged in Colorado Springs?

There is hope. Only convictions stay on your criminal record. If the case is resolved differently, it can be expunged from your record. The courts consider expungement petitions if:

  • You were arrested for the DUI, but they chose not to file charges
  • The charges were dropped
  • There was an acquittal
  • At least ten years have passed since the disposition of your case, and you have had no new criminal charges filed against you.

There is no guarantee that your record can be expunged, and the process of doing so is complicated. However, our dedicated legal team will work hard to restore your peace of mind.

What is the Difference Between Expunging and Sealing of Records

Many people use the terms sealing records and expunging records interchangeably, but they are, in truth, two different legal procedures related to handling a person’s criminal records. In Colorado, expunging is the process by which the offense is wiped entirely off the person’s record as if it had never happened expunging your record, you can then legally deny that you ever committed the crime in the first place. No record will be left that you were arrested, charged, convicted, or sentenced.

Sealing a criminal record is an entirely different process. When a record is sealed, the record still exists; it is only hidden from public view, including from most, but not all, background checks (there are exceptions to every rule). The record can still be unsealed by government agencies, prosecutors, and police. Also, remember that the record may be unsealed if other charges are brought against you.

Is My DUI Eligible to be Expunged?

As an adult, it is difficult to obtain a DUI expungement. It requires a petition to the court in the county where you received the DUI; it is vital that you consult our trusted legal team at Liberty Law Center to walk you through the process. We understand the detailed requirements for Colorado’s DUI expungement and can put your mind at ease.

The current Colorado standards for expungement are:

  • The DUI did not end in conviction
  • The arrest happened at least ten years ago
  • The requesting individual has a clean record with no additional charges.

Do I Have Options if My DUI Can’t Be Expunged

Even if you don’t meet the standards for expungement, you may not have to live with the consequence of a criminal record for the rest of your life. We all make poor choices from time to time, and we all make mistakes.

As of January 1, 2022, Colorado updated the law, and if prosecutors did not charge you within one year of your arrest and if it occurred on or after that date, your record will automatically be sealed. If your arrest occurred prior to that date, it may still be possible to have your records sealed. Our DUI lawyers understand the anxiety having a criminal record causes, and at Liberty Law Center, we believe everyone deserves a second chance. Our experienced and dedicated team will be by your side to strategize with you through the entire process.

What Are the Steps For Sealing a DUI Arrest?

Every case is different, so it is impossible to lay out an exact picture of the steps involved in sealing a DUI arrest, but a typical snapshot is as follows:

  • Confirm Eligibility– You must be sure that your case did not end in conviction or deferred judgment. Confirm with your legal team that your case is eligible.
  • Obtain copies of all your records– You will be required to include copies with your petition.
  • Fill out the motion to seal non-conviction records form with the appropriate court in the county where your arrest was initially made.
  • Wait for court review– Waiting can be difficult, but there is no way around it. The court will decide whether to accept or deny your petition. There may or may not be a hearing scheduled.
  • Inform all applicable agencies if the seal is granted. This process can take up to six months. During this time, your records are still visible.

When Should I Call a DUI Expungement Lawyer?

When they are arrested for a DUI, many people believe that the mistake they have made is irreversible and the penalties will follow them forever. Avoiding a conviction is the only way to get your record expunged as an adult.

If you have been arrested and you need the help of an experienced hand to guide you through the process, you can count on us. At Liberty Law Center, we will help you file a petition for expungement or seal a past DUI arrest from your record. Our skilled DUI lawyers will help provide the best conclusion to your case. Call 719-578-1183 for a free consultation.

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