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Divorce is hard on everyone in the family; there is no way around that. Emotions and tempers frequently run high, and losing sight of essential matters is often difficult. During such a heated time, having someone who can remain impartial and coolheaded is vital. You need someone who can prioritize the needs, emotional well-being, and stability of the children above the pain of the parents. This is where a dedicated father’s rights lawyer from Liberty Law Center can make a difference for you.

Our lawyers are compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable of Colorado family law. We understand the nuances of custody laws and how they affect fathers differently in Colorado. We give fathers an equal voice. Call Liberty Law Center at 719-578-1183 for a free consultation.

How is Child Custody Determined in Colorado?

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a couple divorced, and it was presumed that the children would automatically stay with their mother because they were better off with her. Rarely were the father’s desires or preferences considered, or was it even questioned if he was the better or more stable parent for the children to live with. Thankfully, those times have changed.

In Colorado, the determining focus of custody arrangements is always maintaining what is in the children’s best interest and creating the most stable and supportive environment for them. At Liberty Law Center, we understand the complexities of family. Every family is unique, and everyone should have a voice. We will stand up for your equal rights in custody, visitation, or parental plan modification. No matter what issue is troubling you, our father’s rights lawyers can put your mind at ease.

Do Unmarried Fathers Have Custody Rights?

In Colorado, when a baby is born to unwed parents, sole legal and physical custody of the child is given to the mother. The birth of a child does not automatically legitimize the father-child relationship the way it does with the mother for obvious reasons.

Previously, when the mother was often the immediate caregiver and primary attachment figure, the courts favored awarding custody to the mothers. Times have thankfully changed. The law in Colorado states that fathers should be treated the same as mothers when custody is decided. In truth, the parent’s gender doesn’t factor in at all. The courts put the best interest of the children as the priority in custody cases.

How Can Unmarried Fathers Establish Their Rights

Even if a father’s name appears on a child’s birth certificate, that does not grant him legal rights to custody or visitation under the law. Without legal marriage at the time of the child’s birth, the unmarried father must prove paternity to place him in better legal standing to have more involvement with his child.

Establishing paternity also allows unmarried fathers to assume financial responsibilities for their children, such as child support payments. The child and father benefit from the bond by legally establishing this relationship.

Going through a paternity test and identifying himself as the child’s legal father will give him grounds to request visitation or custody. Liberty Law Center’s dedicated father’s rights lawyers will fight for your rights to your children. The lack of a marriage certificate does not mean the lack of a parent’s love. Our legal team will work hard to make your voice heard.

Can a Father be Denied Visitation or Custody Rights?<h2)

In Colorado, custody and visitation are always determined by what is in the children’s best interest. There are other factors the court may take into consideration, such as:

  • The wishes of the parents
  • The wishes of the children (if they are mature enough to express independent reasoning)
  • The children’s relationship and emotional bonds that currently exist among family members.
  • The ability of the minor children to adjust to the home, school, and outside activities.
  • The mental and physical health of all family members involved in the children’s lives, including the children.
  • The ability of all parties to encourage a relationship and contact with the other parent (except in cases of abuse/neglect)
  • Prior involvement of each parent before divorce
  • Distance between the homes of each parent
  • Cooperation between the two parents

The courts prefer awarding shared custody whenever possible. If you have an agreed-upon parenting plan and your father’s rights have been violated, Liberty Law Center is on your side.

When Should I Call a Father’s Rights Lawyer?

We know that divorce is a messy, painful road. Sometimes, amidst the turmoil, one party may try to convince the other that their role as a parent no longer counts or is somehow diminished. At Liberty Law Center, we don’t accept that. We understand that fathers must maintain an active and loving role in their children’s lives, and we support that process.

Father’s rights encompass a range of issues, including the fundamental right to be involved in decisions regarding their children’s well-being. It is essential to recognize the value of a father’s influence in a child’s life and the opportunity to play an active role. Robbing the child of this relationship is a grave injustice to both child and parent. While it is unfortunate that the marriage is ending, it does not mean an end to your rights as a father. Our compassionate and dedicated lawyers understand the complexities of Colorado Family Law.

Divorce can intensify feelings of injustice and leave fathers feeling sidelines in the process. Our father’s rights lawyers are dedicated to advocating for fair treatment concerning child custody, visitation, and financial support. Call Liberty Law Center at 719 -578-1183 for a free consultation.

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