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How To Know You’re Being Stalked

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A 2000 Department of Justice study reported that one of out of 12 women will be stalked during her lifetime. Stalking victims typically know their stalkers and don’t realize they’re in danger until the stalking escalates to dangerous proportions. Learning to identify signs of stalking behavior can help you stop a stalker in his tracks and possibly save your life.

Signs that you may be the target of a stalker include:

  • The same person constantly shows up at places you frequent.
  • You notice the same person is parked in your neighborhood every day when you get home,
  • The same person keeps trying to make contact with you even though you’re not interested.
  • More than once you notice the same person following you. This individual has even inquired about you to your family and friends and obtained information about you without your consent or knowledge.
  • You start getting multiple calls where the caller hangs up or says nothing;
  • You start getting gifts from the same individual–gifts that become more suggestive or pornographic as you continue to shun their affections;
  • The same person “coincidentally” turns up every time you need assistance.
  • The stalker resort to manipulative tactics to get your attention;
  • You begin receiving emails from the same person, who always tries to get you to join him in a private chat or sends you private messages;
  • You hear from friends and family that a certain person has been saying personally damaging things about you and your character. This is the stalker’s attempt to make your loved ones shun you so that you have no one but him to turn to.
  • The stalker becomes more violent toward you, threatening to harm you or someone close to you.

If you know someone who has displayed any of the above signs, you may be the target of a stalker, even if it’s someone you feel is a friend and would never hurt you. It’s better to play it safe and notify the authorities immediately.

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