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Medical Marijuana Charges in Colorado

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The medical marijuana industry is flourishing in Colorado, according to a recent Portland Press Herald article. Even though Colorado medical marijuana growers and distributors may be making money, medical cannabis card holders, drivers and cannabis dispensaries in Colorado can still get charged with drug crimes by Colorado law enforcement. If you are involved in the medical marijuana industry in Colorado and you get hassled by police or charged with crimes like drug possession or distribution, you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney who has experience with marijuana charges.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Colorado’s marijuana industry is second largest to California. The industry is heavily regulated by the Colorado state legislature, with laws regulating how cannabis products are produced, packaged, distributed and sold to licensed consumers within the state. While these regulations can be confusing for many medical marijuana businesspeople, they do generate revenue for the state. The city of Denver alone has seen millions of dollars in revenue from sales taxes on medical marijuana and licensing fees for cannabis distributors and growers.

Even with these regulations, Colorado law enforcement can bring drug charges against distributors or consumers of medical cannabis in Colorado because marijuana is still considered illegal in most circumstances. For example, drivers can still be charged with DUID or driving under the influence of drugs if they have any measurable amount of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in their bloodstream when they are pulled over for a traffic violation. The owners of legal cannabis businesses can face serious drug charges like trafficking if they don’t follow Colorado medical cannabis laws exactly. Individuals involved in medical marijuana in any way need a trusted Colorado criminal defense attorney on retainer to help them face any drug charges law enforcement might bring against them. An attorney will be able to uphold the law and argue for the innocence of their clients in Colorado courts.

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