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Suspect Arrested in what looks like a Drug Deal Gone Bad

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A suspect in a drug deal that led to a car chase and a shooting has led to an arrest. The suspect has been arraigned on a charge of aggravated robbery and attempted murder. The incident was reported in the June 30, 2011 Denver Post. Police have not said if any other suspects are being sought. The firing of the gun is especially serious as it led to the attempted murder charge.

Suspects in robberies that involve weapons in the state should get a Colorado criminal defense attorney to represent them. The suspects in these cases are facing hard time and they need the best defense possible and this is offered by a Colorado criminal defense attorney. They have experience with similar clients that will help them in your particular case. But they are aware that no two cases are alike and they will be sure to evaluate your case on its own merits. Any information you have should be given to your attorney. The attorney client privilege law is in place to maximize your chance at a fair trial.

The Colorado criminal defense attorney will systematically go over all information regarding your arrest and the evidence against you. They will use their experience in the courts to get you the best chance at an acquittal. If that is not the verdict any possible chance for an appeal will be looked into. They will be sure to make a good case for your getting a reduced charge for a lesser sentence if that is the best that can be done.

The Colorado criminal defense attorney is your best chance at keeping your freedom. They should be hired as soon as you are arrested so they have the best chance at bringing in the verdict you want.

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