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The Dangers of Driving While High

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Many lawmakers in the state of Colorado feel as though the legalization of marijuana for medical use is putting citizens at risk.  So many share this view that the “pot dui” bill which had been amended to take the form of a study was re-introduced to the Senate for a vote again last week.  While the bill was once again voted down this diligence on the part of Colorado lawmakers could ultimately see a definitive THC level set for prosecution of DUI.

Many states have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to driving while under the influence of marijuana and drivers can be charged with a DUI regardless of blood THC levels.  A few states already have a THC level set in order to charge a driver with a DUI and at much lower levels than the 5 nanogram limit that would have been set in Colorado had this bill passed.

Drivers charged with driving under the influence of marijuana in Colorado could face consequences as serious as those of a traditional DUI if convicted and if drugs are found in the vehicle more serious charges could be filed.  If you are facing DUI or DWAI charges in the state of Colorado you need to reach out to an experienced Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible. A Colorado DUI attorney will work to establish the most plausible line of defense for your case and will negotiate with prosecutors in an effort to get your charges reduced if possible.

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