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Approaching Your DMV Hearing with a Colorado DUI Attorney

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There is absolutely no doubt that the possible punishments stemming from a DUI conviction in Colorado are very serious. First time DUI offenders in the state of Colorado face the possibility of some of the largest fines, longest license suspensions and lengthiest prison terms of any state in the country, but the fear of facing those penalties can’t prevent you from losing focus on your DMV hearing.

This is where enlisting the help of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney immediately following your arrest can come in very handy. Not only will a Colorado DUI attorney be able to establish the most plausible and effective defense strategy possible for your criminal hearing, but they will also put the necessary focus on establishing the best defense for your DMV hearing as well.

You only have a very brief window to schedule your DMV hearing following arrest, if you miss that opportunity your ability to drive may be gone for an extended period of time. Your Colorado DUI attorney will understand the importance of prompt scheduling of your DMV hearing and will approach that portion of your charges with the same intensity as the criminal portion in order to help you retain your driving privileges in some capacity following a DUI arrest.

Having the ability to operate your vehicle, even in a limited capacity, while you wait for your criminal hearing is essential to your quality of life and our ability to provide for your family. Having a Colorado DUI attorney by your side gives you the best chance of retaining your license during the period of time while you wait for your criminal hearing.

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