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How a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight Charges of Possession With Intent to Distribute

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If you have been charged with Colorado possession with intent to distribute, you must contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. This is a very serious charge that can cost you quite a bit, both personally and professionally. This charge is very different from an ordinary possession charge because the authorities believe they have enough evidence to prove to a judge or jury that you intend to sell a controlled substance to other people.

Your case may become more complicated if you have previous charges of drug possession in your record. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can work to throw out anything in your record that may be deemed derogatory; especially if it can be proved that the previous cases do not apply to your current Colorado possession with intent to distribute case. The prosecution may feel that they have an advantage, depending on the type of evidence that they have collected. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney can carefully examine that evidence, refuting it along the way.

These types of charges are extremely serious, particularly in regards to your future. Potential employers may see a guilty verdict and opt to withdraw employment offers. You may even be unable to find a home to rent in the future with charges such as Colorado possession with intent to distribute on your record. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will work to ensure that your reputation, your assets, and your freedom are left intact at the end of your case.

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