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Help for Juvenile Offenders

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Young people can get in trouble with law enforcement just like adults, and the legal consequences of criminal charges can follow a teen for years. If your teen is facing criminal charges, you need a compassionate and experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney by their side in the court room. An attorney can help the entire family through this trying time and ensure that your teen doesn’t face jail time or years of probation for a youthful indiscretion.

Teens can face special criminal charges related to laws surrounding the behavior of individuals under 21 such as minor in possession of drugs or alcohol, or they can face the same criminal charges that adults can be accused of such as shoplifting or assault. Judges can often place harsh penalties against minors who are convicted of a crime in order to teach the teen a lesson and keep them from offending again later in life, but legal consequences such as time in juvenile detention can be devastating.

When choosing a defense lawyer to help a young person face criminal charges, it’s important to find an attorney with experience in juvenile defense, as the criminal law as it applies to minors can be slightly different than similar criminal charges for adults. A criminal defense attorney with experience in juvenile law will be able to work with prosecutors and judges to make sure that a teen accused of a crime will not have to face years of legal consequences for their actions. Attorneys with experience in Colorado will also have developed professional relationships with court officials that can help them negotiate plea bargains and better argue for your teen’s innocence.

An attorney can also help teens who have a criminal record if their criminal charges result in a conviction. A deferred sentence or criminal record expungement can make sure that a mistake made when someone is younger doesn’t follow them forever. There are also other alternatives to conviction available for juveniles who show a willingness to atone for their mistakes. These alternatives include diversion and less restrictive sentences like traffic school, alcohol counseling, public service or probation. An experienced Colorado juvenile defense attorney can help your teen negotiate these types of sentences or get fraudulent criminal charges dismissed.

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