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How Can a Commercial DUI Affect You

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If you have been charged with a commercial DUI, you need to contact a Colorado Springs DUI attorney as soon as possible. You can experience steep consequences both professionally and personally from a commercial DUI. Your Colorado Springs DUI attorney understands how the laws are different form commercial DUI and can open up as many options as possible for you.

Blood alcohol levels for drivers of commercial vehicles are far lower than for a regular DUI. Because you are driving a commercial vehicle, standards are much higher and the consequences are equally high. On even a first commercial DUI offense, you risk losing your CDL for up to one year. Any further offenses could revoke your CDL permanently. Your Colorado Springs DUI attorney understands these consequences and how that affects your future employment in commercial driving.

Other consequences can include jail time or probation. Your Colorado Springs DUI attorney will do everything possible to ensure that you retain your freedom. If this commercial DUI is your first offense, you may be able to attend alcohol education programs or fulfill probation requirements. Much of what your Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney can do in this situation may be dictated by your previous driving and criminal records.

Even if you do not spend any time in jail, a conviction for a commercial DUI can have far-reaching consequences. Both your professional future and your personal future are on the line when you fight charges like commercial DUI. Make the right decision and contact a Colorado Springs DUI attorney immediately.

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