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How Colorado Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Your Rights

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If you’ve been accused of a crime in Colorado, you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney by your side from the first moment that you are contacted by police. Law enforcement officials are dedicated to protecting alleged victims of crimes, and they can sometimes be overzealous in their attempts to catch individuals who they think have committed a crime. In these cases, the rights of the accused can get overlooked in favor of closing a case or protecting a so-called victim.

An important right of all Americans who have been accused of a crime is the right not to incriminate themselves. This means that during an investigation into a crime or an interrogation at the police station, an individual has the right not to give over any information that could help the prosecution with their case. Often, law enforcement officials will offer deals or pretend that they know more than they do in order to get the accused to give information about the alleged crime. A criminal defense attorney should be present any time the accused speaks with the police and during any investigation to ensure that this right is not violated. While it may be tempting to try and explain the circumstances that led to a criminal charge, you should always wait until you have a trusted Colorado criminal defense lawyer by your side when speaking to the police.

Another important right is the right to reasonable search and seizure of property. These Constitutional rights involve law enforcement officials gaining evidence against someone by looking through or taking their property. A criminal defense attorney can help those accused of crimes if the search or seizure of their property wasn’t performed correctly. Law enforcement must have reasonable cause to suspect that a crime has been committed before they search for evidence against the accused, and a defense lawyer can get evidence thrown out if the probable cause is weak. A Colorado criminal defense attorney will be there for you during your criminal case and defend both your innocence and your rights under the law.

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