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Problems with Your Probation

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If you have been lucky enough to receive probation in lieu of jail time for a drunk driving offense, you have some strict regulations to live up to in order to fulfill the terms of your probation. If you ever find that you are in danger of having your probation violated, you will need to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure that your case is properly represented.

Probation violations involve primarily a violation of trust. The judge in your original drunk driving case trusted that you would follow the steps laid out for you to the letter in order to retain your freedom and other privileges. In many cases, your alleged probation violation is merely a misunderstanding. Regardless, you need someone in your corner who can calmly and rationally explain to the court the nature of the misunderstanding so it can be corrected without causing further damage to your case.

If you face court proceedings because of a probation violation, it is important to understand that any of the original maximum penalties may be assessed against you if you are found to be truly in violation of your probation terms. If you are indeed in violation, your criminal defense attorney can work with the court to determine the fairest punishment based on not only the original charges, but also whatever you have done to prove yourself in the meantime.

Be sure that you understand the terms of your probation when you first receive the terms. Any deliberate or accidental violation of these terms can cause you to face strict penalties that may not be appropriate for your situation. After a probation violation, however, your hands may be tied by the broken trust between you and the court. Contact your criminal defense attorney for help with any concerns or questions about your probation before it becomes a situation that lands you back in court.

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