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Marijuana Charges: How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

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While Colorado has made marijuana legal for use under very specific circumstances, individuals can still face drug charges like marijuana possession that require the services of a Colorado criminal defense attorney. Colorado’s medical marijuana laws are constantly in flux, with new statutes being added and different restrictions placed on the possession and use of the drug every year. Even if you are a legal medical marijuana patient or professional, you can be charged with drug crimes like possession, distribution or trafficking. An attorney can explain the drug charges against you.

Marijuana Possession Charges

Depending on certain factors, you can be charged with anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony for possessing marijuana. If this is your first arrest for drugs and you had less than an ounce of marijuana on you when you were arrested, you could only be facing a misdemeanor. However, under other circumstances, you could be facing felony charges. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can also negotiate with judges and prosecutors to get your marijuana possession charges reduced.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Trafficking is a criminal charge related to transporting a controlled substance like marijuana over Colorado roads and highways. If the drug has been transported over state lines, drug trafficking charges can be a federal crime as well. When looking at these kinds of major criminal drug offenses, you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Marijuana Distribution Charges

Distribution charges are related to selling or otherwise distributing drugs to other people, commonly known as “dealing.” An individual can also face distribution charges in relation to marijuana possession if the individual has a large amount of drugs because the amount is more than could be considered for “personal use.” Unfortunately, medical marijuana distributors or businesses who have not completed all their legal paperwork can also be charged with distribution.

Marijuana charges are serious in Colorado; maybe even more serious because of the state’s medical marijuana statutes. This is why you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney to help you face any kind of drug charge, even a misdemeanor.

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