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About Colorado Theft Charges

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If you are facing criminal charges for theft in the state of Colorado, you will need the services of a qualified Colorado criminal defense attorney who can explain your rights under Colorado law when it comes to theft charges. A criminal defense lawyer can also make sure that you receive fair and just treatment.

A qualified Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to thoroughly explain Colorado’s theft laws as they apply to your specific case. In Colorado, theft is defined as knowingly obtaining or controlling an item of value  belonging to someone else without their permission or by deception or threat. You can also be charged for theft if you have used, concealed or abandoned an item of value, intending to get that item away from the owner. It is also theft under Colorado law if you demand someone give you items of value or special considerations for you to restore an item of value to the rightful owner.

There are different levels of theft charges in Colorado: misdemeanors and felonies. The rules for what kind of charge will be leveled at the accused are determined by how much the object of value allegedly stolen was worth. Class 2 misdemeanor theft charge is for items of less than $500 in value. A Class 1 theft misdemeanor is leveled if the item involved is more than $500 but less than $1,000. Felonies start if items are more than $1,000, with a Class 4 felony for items between $1000 and $20,000 in value, and a Class 3 felony if the item is less more than $20,000. Harsher felony charges are leveled if the item was taken by force or with a weapon.

If you’ve been charged with any level of theft in Colorado, you’re going to need a Denver criminal defense attorney who understands the Colorado theft laws and will keep you informed of new developments through the entire theft case.

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