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Criminal Traffic Offenses: Driving Without Insurance

Traffic Offense

Under Colorado law, motorists are required to carry minimum amounts of auto insurance, and they can be subject to some serious penalties if they are caught driving without it. While many Colorado drivers may think that traffic offenses are no big deal, a Colorado criminal defense attorney should be consulted when criminal charges are associated with traffic violations like DUI, driving without insurance, hit and run accidents, reckless driving or even speeding.

The consequences for criminal traffic violations like reckless driving or DUI are severe, including time in jail and fines in the thousands of dollars. Many of these crimes come with penalties through the courts, as well as consequences with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. Even driving without insurance can result in major legal consequences like having your driver’s license revoked. You may think you don’t need an attorney to handle the CO DMV, but serious violations often require filing complicated legal paperwork on tight deadlines as well as attending a license revocation hearing. An attorney can not only help you with all the paperwork you need to do, but they can also represent you to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles Hearing Committee just like the would in a court of law.

Certain types of criminal traffic offenses also result in far-reaching consequences involving your ability to drive or your financial obligations to the state and DMV. For example, certain individuals may need to install a special breathalyzer machine to their vehicle called an ignition interlock device to be able to retain their driving privileges after a DUI conviction. Even driving without insurance can result in penalties like having to file an SR-22 form with the DMV for up to three years following the violation. Retaining the services of a Colorado criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested for criminal traffic violations of this type can help you reduce or eliminate these legal and financial consequences.

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