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Drug Felonies Have Been Downgraded to Misdemeanors in Colorado

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Did you know that the drug laws and penalties surrounding drugs have been changed in Colorado? As of March 2020, it will no longer be a felony to possess certain Schedule I or II drugs. Possessions of these drugs have been downgraded to a level 1 drug misdemeanor.

It Is No Longer a Felony to Possess Schedule I or II Drugs

This legislation was passed under House Bill 19-1263. The bill has the following changes in drug convictions:

  • A controlled substance listed in schedule I or II will be reduced from a level 4 drug felony to a level 1 drug misdemeanor.
  • Six ounces of marijuana or more than three ounces of marijuana concentrate will be reduced from a level 4 drug felony to a level 1 drug misdemeanor.
  • Three ounces or less of marijuana concentrate will be downgraded from a level 1 drug misdemeanor to a level 2 drug misdemeanor.
  • Level 1 drug misdemeanors have potential penalties of up to two years’ probation and up to 180 days in jail for a violation of probation. There is a maximum $1,000 fine.
  • The possibility of a jail sentence for a first or second misdemeanor conviction of abusing toxic vapors has been removed.
  • Prosecutors can no longer charge people with possession for residual amounts of drugs found on drug paraphernalia.
  • A grant program will be established for Colorado counties to create misdemeanor drug courts.

Other Drugs Crime and Past Drug Convictions

The bill is not going to change the punishments of other drug crimes like possession of drugs with intent to distribute or the cultivation/manufacturing of drugs. And the bill will not apply retroactively, meaning that those with drug possession convictions from the past will not be able to get out of their conviction.

For further information, you can find the whole bill text here.

Do you have any questions or concerns over the changes in drug possession convictions? Contact Liberty Law Center today for any legal advice concerning drug possession and convictions, and we can help you navigate the issues.

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