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DUI and Employment

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DUI conviction can cost you more than your driver’s license, it can cost you your job. Many companies do background checks on prospective employees, and some can check back as far as 10 years. If you are currently employed and are accused or convicted of a DUI, your employer could terminate your employment or suspend you from any duties involving driving. If driving a vehicle is your primary job duty, like that of a bus driver, a DUI conviction can bring that job to an abrupt end.

Employees with high security clearance or government workers are scrutinized more intensely and more frequently than other employees, so it’s highly unlikely that a DUI will go undetected. If you work in such a position, you can immediately be terminated, and your chances of securing another high-security job are practically zilch.

A DUI conviction can also have a negative impact on future employment years after your conviction. A potential employer runs a background/criminal check and sees a DUI, your resume automatically goes into the rejected pile.

If you are arrested for a DUI, enlist the aid of attorney immediately. You may be legally required to inform your employer of your pending DUI case, but you should delay doing so until you have consulted with your attorney. A qualified DUI attorney can brief you on DUI laws and your rights under the law. Remember, being charged with a DUI does not mean you are convicted. This is why you should not hesitate to seek legal representation from a qualified Colorado DUI defense attorney.

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