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How DUI Affects Your Criminal Record

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“Driving under the influence” is one of the most common charges that people face in the United States. Its prevalence, however, does not diminish its seriousness. A DUI conviction means that you have been convicted of a crime. Because of this fact, it can stay on your legal record for the entirety of your life. It is because of the severe nature of DUI that it is so important that, if you are charged with it, you should receive counsel from a qualified and highly experienced Colorado Springs DUI Attorney to help reduce your penalties

So what should you do if you are charged with a DUI?  It would absolutely be in your best interest to not plead guilty.   Having a veteran Colorado Springs DUI lawyer who knows the ins-and-outs of DUI law in Colorado will guarantee that you have the best possible defense in the court room.

There is of course good reason for DUI to be considered a criminal charge. The risks inherent in getting behind the wheel while intoxicated are simply too high. Drunk driving is in the top five leading causes of automobile fatalities in the U.S. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want a clean legal record. Having one DUI on your legal record could cause trouble later in life when apply for insurance, finding employment or enlisting in the military. A Colorado Spring DUI attorney could be your safest bet for ensuring that you don’t have a DUI charge on your record.

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