DUI Under 21 in Colorado

Receiving a DUI has its consequences here in Colorado, but receiving an DUI for underage drinking can have a serious impact for the future of the driver. For those under 21, getting a DUI can have varying consequences depending on

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Colorado Out of State DUI

Getting a DUI in any state is an incredibly frustrating and emotional situation, but when you are visiting Colorado from another state, it will add another level of complexity to the experience. The biggest thing to keep in mind is

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Challenging DUI Evidence in Colorado

When charged with a DUI here in Colorado, the case against you hinges on one significant thing: evidence. The evidence incriminating you is collected around the time of your arrest, ranging from the officer’s observations, a field sobriety test, or

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Common Law Marriage in Colorado

  Common-law marriage is established in Colorado when two parties consent to live as husband and wife.  Both parties maintain an open assumption of a marital relationship, which means that both parties present themselves to the public as part of

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