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Penalties of Driving Without Insurance in Colorado

Traffic Offense

Driving without insurance in Colorado can have serious consequences and could often result in the need for a traffic violations lawyer. There is a possibility of a $1,000+ fine, a driver’s license suspension for up to eight months, and even a year in jail. Colorado legislature requires that drivers always carry auto liability insurance that meets the minimum coverage of $25k/$50k/$15k. This insurance protects any scenario that involves multiple party car accidents, property damage, and injuries. Without this minimum coverage, driving without insurance in Colorado will be considered a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

If you have been pulled over recently and was unable to provide registered insurance, there are a few scenarios that could occur:

1st Offense

“License and registration, please.” We all know the familiar phrase that police offer’s approach us with. If you are unable to provide your insurance, the officer at the scene will check the motorist insurance identification database to see if you have insurance or not. If not, the officer could do one of two things: issue you a suspension and confiscate your driver’s license, or fill a citation that will suspend your license in a given number of days.

With the help of a defense attorney, you can file an SR-22, which is proof of financial responsibility that could allow you to avoid the suspension, if the officer filled the citation (the second scenario). Otherwise, if this is not completed, you will get your license suspended.

The penalties involved with a 1st offense charge of driving without insurance include a mandatory fine of \$500 or more, and a license suspension. You must then register and receive the proper insurance, and will be required to pay a $40 reinstatement fee. You will also have to file the SR-22. In Colorado, it is common that you may have to provide 40 hours or more of community service—whatever is determined by the court.

2nd Offense

If you have been pulled over without insurance for a second time within five years, the penalties increase. You will be required to pay at least a $1,000 fine and the $40 reinstatement fee. Your license will be revoked for four months, and will have to file the SR-22 again. The possibility of community service also exists. A second offense also increases the chance of jail time, as you could spend between 10 days to one year in jail for driving without insurance in Colorado.

3rd Offense

The third time within five years of the previous offense will result in similar consequences. Your license will be suspended for eight months this time. You will have a $1,000+ fine, the $40 reinstatement fee, and be required to fill out the SR-22. Jail time of up to one year and community service for no less than 40 hours will also be a likelihood.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help

If you have been charged once, twice, three times or more, an attorney could possibly help lower your charges. There are a number of scenarios that could potentially reduce the penalties associated with driving without insurance. If you did, in fact have insurance at the time of officer contact, you may be able to have your conviction dismissed. You would have to provide full proof in the form of a compliance policy and a certificate of insurance. If you did not have insurance, an attorney could assist in reducing the fine amount and ticket amount. You could also obtain the necessary insurance very quickly in effort to avoid your license getting suspended and thereby reduce the fine.

If you have been charged with these offenses, and want to know if there is a possibility of reducing your sentence, call Liberty Law Center today. We are experienced defense attorney in the Colorado Springs area, and know what needs to be done for traffic violations.

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