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Colorado Out of State DUI

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Getting a DUI in any state is an incredibly frustrating and emotional situation, but when you are visiting Colorado from another state, it will add another level of complexity to the experience. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that when you are pulled over for drunk driving in another state, the consequences will have to be dealt with in the state in which you were pulled over. There may also be some complications with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your home state as well once you get home.

An out of state DUI will involve managing the case from afar and coordinating with a legal team that has your best interests in mind. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation and are looking for a legal team that will treat you with respect, then look no further than Liberty Law Center. Our team will make sure you get the very best legal advice, support, and defense in and out of the courtroom.

What Happens if you Get an Out-of-State DUI?

Depending on the situation surrounding the DUI charge your license may be revoked, however, you can request a hearing with the DMV depending on a couple of factors. If you were over the age of 21, then the two items that will affect whether or not your license will be revoked are your Blood Alcohol Level at the time you were pulled over, and the type of field test the officer used to verify your sobriety. If you do not meet the qualifications to request a hearing with the DMV, or you refuse your right to a hearing then your license will be revoked. Colorado will inform your home state of the revocation in accordance with the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. It is imperative when you receive a DUI to contact Liberty Law Center as soon as possible so we can help you navigate the complex system and overcome the hurdles associated with getting you back on the road in a timely manner.

1st Offense

Your first DUI offense in Colorado will usually include a license revocation period of about 9 months. That revocation period is firm in Colorado, and does not provide much room for early reinstatement. After the 9 month period is up, you are then able to get the paperwork together to apply for reinstatement of your license. When the paperwork is processed through the Colorado DMV you will receive the Letter of Clearance in the mail which will allow you to re-apply for a license in your home state.

2nd Offense

Your second DUI offense will come with some heavier penalties, such as 70 days to one year in jail, a hefty fine, and anywhere from 50 to 200 hours of community service. The jail time is negotiable as long as you participate in a treatment program, but this depends on the judge and the defense team representing you.

Get the Best Team to Defend your Case

Obviously, driving safe and sober is the only real way to avoid a DUI, but if you are embroiled in an out of state DUI charge, do not hesitate to get an experienced DUI law firm involved that has been practicing for 30+ years. Our goal is to get you through the courts and into license reinstatement as quickly as possible. Contact us today to get a consultation on your case!

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